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Taxi Minibus Norwich to Heathrow Airport

Effortless Norwich to Heathrow Airport Transfers: Book Ahead and Save!

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Make your return journey from Norwich to Heathrow Airport as smooth and stress-free as possible by pre-booking your transfer with ToNorwich.

With prices starting at just £235, you can bypass the hassles of public transportation, avoid costly last-minute taxi fares, and eliminate the need to leave your vehicle parked at the airport.

Why Choose ToNorwich for Your Heathrow Airport Transfer?

  • Direct and Comfortable:  Why endure the inconvenience of coaches or trains when you can enjoy a direct transfer from your home to the airport in the comfort of a private taxi or 7 seater / 8 seater minibus?
  • Cost-Effective for Groups: Traveling with others? Our service becomes particularly cost-effective for groups of four or more, matching or even undercutting the cost of coach or train tickets per person.
  • Convenient Pickup:  We offer the convenience of picking you up directly from your home, saving you the trouble of short taxi rides to the bus station or having to rely on favors from friends and family.
  • Heathrow to Norwich return same price guaranteed.

 Travel Information: Norwich to Heathrow Airport

  • Distance and Travel Time:  Heathrow Airport is located 140 miles southwest of Norwich. The average travel time by taxi is approximately 3 hours, compared to 4 hours by coach and even longer by train.
  • Comparative Costs: National Express coach tickets average £60 per person each way, while Greater Anglia train tickets cost around £86. Choosing ToNorwich often proves more economical, especially for groups.

 Booking Your Transfer

To ensure a seamless booking experience, please provide the exact pickup address in Norwich, Norfolk when you book your airport taxi. This information helps us offer you an accurate price quote and guarantees a smooth start to your journey.

Choose ToNorwich for a reliable, comfortable, and hassle-free transfer to Heathrow Airport. Pre-book your taxi today and start your trip on the right note!

Facts and Statistics:

Heathrow Airport is most commonly in the news due to the continuous debate about whether or not a new runway should be built. However, there’s one interesting fact about Heathrow that often goes unnoticed – it doesn’t have a Terminal 1. If you take a look at the Piccadilly Line on a map, you’ll see that it only goes to Terminals 4, 5, or 2 and 3.

What happened to Terminal 1 in Heathrow Airport? Reports say that it no longer exists, but what does that mean for the airport that’s ever-expanding? Terminal 1 was in operation from 1968 to 2015 and was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in April 1969. It was the largest airport terminal in western Europe at the time. So what led to its closure? The decision was made to close Terminal 1 in order to make way for the new Terminal 2, which opened in 2014. With a new terminal came new opportunities for the airport, and Terminal 1 wasn’t able to keep up.

Passenger numbers 2018 Annual passengers: 80.1 million Daily average total number: 219,458 (50.5% arrivals / 49.5% departures) Busiest day ever recorded (passenger numbers): 29 July 2018 with 261,909 Busiest year ever recorded (passenger numbers): 2018 with 80.1 million

Cargo volume	1.70 million metric tonnes
Revenue	£2.97 million
Percentage of international passengers: 94% (75.3 million)
Percentage of domestic passengers: 6% (4.8 million)
Percentage of business travellers: 33% (26.5 million)
Percentage of leisure travellers: 67% (52.1 million)
Percentage of transfer passengers: 30% (24 million)
Passenger volume by terminal (millions) 2018:
Terminal 2: 18.5 million passengers on 118,335 flights
Terminal 3: 19.5 million passengers on 94,019 flights
Terminal 4 – 9.4 million passengers on 49,660 flights
Terminal 5 – 32.8 million passengers on 210,723 flights
Cargo volume 2018
Cargo volume: 1.70 million metric tonnes 

Total size of Heathrow Airport: 1,227 hectares
Number of runways: 2
Length of runways: Northern 3,902m x 50m. Southern 3,658m x 50m.
Aircraft stands
Number of aircraft stands served by an air bridge: 133
Number of remote stands: 64
Number of cargo stands: 15
Destinations and airlines
Number of airlines: 84
Number of destinations served: 203 (in 84 countries)
Most popular destinations
New York (JFK)
Hong Kong

Terminal areas
Terminal 2 – 40,000 square metres
Terminal 3 – 98,962 square metres
Terminal 4 – 105,481 square metres
Terminal 5 – 353,020 square metres
Figures do not include Flight Connections Centre and passenger piers

Terminal openings
Terminal 1 (opened 1968 - closed 2015)
Terminal 2 (opened 2014)
Terminal 3 (opened 1961)
Terminal 4 (opened 1986)
Terminal 5 (opened 2008)
Flights 2018
Annual air transport movements: 475,624
Daily average air transport movements: 1,303

£235 from Norwich City