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Taxi Minibus Norwich to Gatwick Airport

Secure Your Norwich to Gatwick Airport Taxi Transfer with ToNorwich: Stylish, Comfortable, and Affordable

Planning your return airport transfer from Norwich to Gatwick Airport? Choose ToNorwich for a seamless, comfortable, and stylish journey.

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  • Competitive Pricing:  Our rates are not only affordable but also competitive within the market, ensuring you get the best price for your journey.
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  • Professional Drivers: Our professional drivers are equipped to handle individual and group transfers efficiently, accommodating up to 8 passengers plus luggage. 4seater / 7 seater / 8 seater available.

 The ToNorwich Advantage

  • Avoid Public Transport Hassles: Why deal with the unpredictability of coaches or trains? ToNorwich offers a direct, hassle-free option that gets you to your destination without the stress.
  • Tailored Travel Experience:  Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, our services are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring a comfortable journey every time.
  • Gatwick to Norwich return at the same price guaranteed.

Journey Details: Norwich to Gatwick Airport

  • Location and Distance:  Gatwick Airport, located south of London and southwest of Norwich, is approximately 150 miles from Norwich. The journey typically takes around 3 hours, depending on traffic conditions, particularly around the M25 and Dartford Bridge.
  • Travel Smart:  We advise leaving a couple of hours earlier to accommodate any unforeseen delays on the route, ensuring you arrive at the airport relaxed and on time.

Choose ToNorwich for your next trip from Norwich to Gatwick Airport and experience the comfort, reliability, and affordability of our premier taxi transfer service.

Book with us today and travel with confidence, knowing that your airport transfer is in professional hands. Better safe than sorry!

Facts and History:

Gatwick airport is a large and popular international airport located in London. It is the second busiest airport in the UK in terms of passenger traffic. The two terminals at Gatwick serve more than 40 million passengers annually and offer connections to over 200 destinations worldwide.

British Airways and Easyjet are the two main airlines operating out of the airport, so it’s important to check your departure details before travelling to avoid any confusion.

The property that the airport was built on was initially an aerodrome in the 1920s. Beehive was the first terminal of Gatwick, was built in 1935, and the first flight ever to be permitted to take off from there, was in 1933. Gatwick Airport, however, was only fully functional in 1956, even though most of the construction and structures started in 1950.

2021 2019 Total passengers 6.3 million 46.6 million Aircraft movements 52,000 280,700 Total number of aircraft seats 9.7 million 53.9 million Average load factor 65% 86.3% Biggest airline easyJet easyJet 3.9m passengers 19m passangers Long haul passengers 9% 19% Top destination served Dublin Barcelona (320k passengers) (1.6m passengers)

Number of runways: 1
Runway length: 3,316m long by 45m wide
Number of terminals: 2 - South (opened in 1958) and North (opened in 1988)
South Terminal is 160,000 square metres of which 14,768 square metres is retail facilities
North Terminal is 98,000 square metres of which 12,530 square metres is retail facilities
There are 119 stands, with a total of 186 centrelines - the ability to use a stand flexibly 
means we can park up to 186 aircraft
31 South Terminal stands
31 North Terminal stands
57 remote stands served by coaches
245 check-in desks, 123 self-service check-in desks and 119 self-service bag drop kiosks. 


£240 from Norwich City